#AltEnd: True Beauty, What If It Worked Out Differently?"

Four years later;

It was a bright morning after it rained cats and dogs last night. However, it did not matter to Lee Suho or Im Ju Kyung. Suho continued to produce music and Ju Kyung was now a head make-up artist at the same entertainment industry she worked in as an intern. That morning Ju Kyoung received a letter. “What?” she thought. It was from Han Seo Jun. “Yah Suho-ya! Come here quickly!” She called for Suho. He came out and asked “What is it?” “It’s a letter from Seo Jun! I haven’t seen him in 4 years and now there’s a letter from him. Should I open it?” Ju Kyung said. Suho made it seem like he had forgotten about Seo Jun but in reality, he remembered his dear friend. “Let’s read it then” he said.

Ju Kyung opened the letter and read it. “Hey, I know it’s been a long time since I talked to you. I want to begin by saying I’m sorry for leaving without saying anything. That was because I could not stop thinking about you and if you had chosen me over him. I kept thinking about things, what if they worked out differently. Ju Kyung and Suho, I hope you both are happy together. Though nobody can replace you for me, Ju Kyung, I managed to fall in love again with a beautiful and intelligent woman and she makes me a happier version of myself. She and I are getting married soon. I hope you can make it. Your friend, Han Seo Jun.”

Both Ju Kyung and Suho sat in heavy silence. Suho then wrapped his arms around Ju Kyung while she cried. It was her good friend who was also in love with her. “I sometimes think that too. What if things worked out differently? Would we be in contact?”  Suho smiled. “It makes me happy that he found someone he can love. And if things did work differently, I would not be as happy as I am with anyone else. Come home soon, let’s go out for dinner” he said. And life was the same for the couple. And as for Han Seo Jun, he got his well-deserved happy ending too!

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