#AltEnd: Squid Game, A Never-Ending Game

The “game” was over but Gihun’s reality was just starting. He fell out of the vehicle and walked home ridden with guilt, his only hope being the fact that he could crawl into his mother’s warm arms like a child and cry as he told her everything. He would pay for her treatment and take care of her like a good son. As he opened the door, the sight of his cold lifeless mother awaited him, almost like a greeting to his reality. In his final attempt to seek refuge in her, he held her body close to his.

A whole month had passed and yet he could not rid himself of the grief and pain he felt. Thoughts of his mother continued to haunt him- her pain, her suffering, and the thoughts she had of her son. He wasn’t able to save the person he played the game for.

Along with all the horrid memories of the game, a new thought struck Gihun for the first time. His promise to Saebyeok and Sangwoo. He could not save his family but he was determined to save theirs. Gihun rushed to Seoul and went to the bank where the money was deposited and withdrew half of the amount and put it in a suitcase. Not sparing another minute he found the orphanage Sae Byeok’s brother was in. He explained to the child that his sister was somewhere only girls were allowed but she had sent him to take care of her brother and he should wait for her to be back. With the money-filled suitcase in one hand and the little boy’s hand in the other, Gihun went to Sangwoo’s mother. Leaving him in her care, Gihun set off to meet his own daughter.

For the first time, Gihun had enough money to visit her. He booked the flight ticket and was on his way to the airport when he saw the man, the one who played ddkaji with him. He was in the same outfit, with the same suitcase. It was a carbon copy of that day with Gihun but this time it wasn’t Gihun, it was another man. He rushed to warn him but something made him stop. A thought invaded his mind- the game was not a one time thing. It will continue to happen as long as there are people desperate enough to risk it all. He could stop the man, but how many other people could he stop? He knew what the game was like, he even had a chance to leave, but he came right back. Everyone in this world is desperate for something but,  this game, it was meant for those who are desperate enough to die. 

Gihun turned his back because he now knew the workings of society. This was a selfish world where you needed to be selfish. He took his last chance to hold onto the one good thing in his life and boarded the plane. 


Written by: Prisha Patnaik 

Featured Image: Gizmochina


36 thoughts on “#AltEnd: Squid Game, A Never-Ending Game”

  1. Such fluid writing. Could see the scenes playing out in front of my eyes. This alternate reality is so much more real and at a level so profound.

  2. Very nicely written and thought through! The AltEnd sums well up the essence of the story. Would have liked to see this ending!!

  3. Very well written Prisha. I was actually hoping for this sort of ending, where he learns from the experience and looks to start his life in a new way and boards the plane.

  4. Well written Prisha. I am very proud of you! I have to now watch the show and come back and read it again for a deeper appreciation of your piece.
    Keep writing!

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