#AltEnd: 13 Reasons Why, Another Reason

She was a second away from taking the pills. She had made up her mind. No one could drag her out from the depths of despair. This was it, the end – the end of all the pain and suffering. She wouldn’t have to deal with the emptiness, the absence of love. She’d be gone forever.

She drew her mouth close to the glass of water she’d been holding.

Just when she was about to take a sip, a sudden jerk loosened her grip. The glass then hit the floor and shattered into a million pieces.

Someone wrapped their arms around her. “It’s going to be alright”, they whispered.

She heard nothing. Her mind was too engrossed in her own thoughts. For a change, she felt something. She’d almost forgotten this feeling. A tiny glimmer of hope reignited in her and she passed out out of exhaustion. She woke up in a cold sweat the next day. Her head throbbed and her eyes were clouded. “Who was that person?” she asked herself. Footsteps echoed through the corridor and the door swung open. A tall, thin figure appeared; she immediately rushed towards Hannah and wrapped her in her warm embrace. It’s going to be alright, she whispered over and over. Tears welled up in Hannah’s eyes, she sobbed and let out everything she was holding back. 

“I saw the signs,” the girl said. I should’ve acted sooner, I’m sorry. 

This couldn’t be happening. “Really now! when I was ready to end this”, she yelled. She didn’t want this, to live in a cold cruel world. It should’ve been over but now she was back to contemplating her choices. “Don’t do this, I’m here for you now”, Hannah could feel the sadness in her voice. She said nothing but at least it wasn’t a no. They stayed like that, close and warm for long.

The girl’s name was Emily, she lost her sister a year ago by suicide. Apparently she went to the same school as Hannah. A few days passed, and neither of them spoke much. Though Hannah finally had something she never did before, someone to look out for her. It was a strange feeling but she felt calm and at peace with Emily. Her arms felt like home; the feeling was quite indescribable. They’d only known each other a couple days. They hardly knew each other but Hannah felt at ease with Emily. The tiny glimmer of hope shone brighter than ever.


Written by: Khushi Reddy

Featured Image: The Teal Mango


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