4 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Be Taking #NoNutNovember Seriously

It’s 2011, user bicboi6969696969 has decided it’s their time to shine. They go ahead and coin a term called ‘No Nut November’ and have a good laugh before calling it a day. 10 years later, the loyal citizens of the internet are yet to move on from what started out largely as an internet meme on Urban Dictionary.

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Why be a part of #NoNutNovember?

No Nut November has emerged to be an annual, month-long practice where people refrain from “nutting” or masturbation. Does it have health benefits? Nope. Does abstinence lead to better mental health? Nope. Does it propagate better sexual restrain? Nope. Does science find it promising? Nope.

Then why are we still going gaga over this challenge? Honestly, I do not know. Instead, here are 4 reasons why you probably should just leave #NoNutNovember as the internet meme that it started out as!

What good does masturbation do, anyway?

  1. Researches show that abstinence-based sex education has not helped adolescents and teenagers. In comparison, comprehensive sex education leads to lesser risks of teenage pregnancy and safer sexual lives in adolescents and adults.
  2. Scientists have actually found that ejaculation, in reality, improves fertility.
  3. Masturbation is a healthy and effective tool in understanding and being comfortable in our own sexualities. Here’s an article that you should read if you’d like more insight into masturbation and its demystification.
  4. A Harvard study states that a healthy sexual activity may even reduce risks of prostate cancer.
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Of course, this is not to say that if you wish to go a month without pleasuring yourself, you should not do that. But my personal suggestion would be, if you’re thinking of participating in the No Nut challenge, first research all of its narratives and then join the club. Or just listen to science, that does not find any beneficial reasons for No Nut. Wink, wink.


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Read more on myths around masturbation here.


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