Pratisandhi is synonymous for resistance, and that’s our resolve, to resist the age-old belief of sex as taboo, by promoting dialogue and awareness of sexual health and education in India, and around the world. We want to bring forth a platform that can allow for openness regarding issues that are considered a taboo in our society in order to move towards a more progressive mindset.   

We aim to provide young students with age-appropriate and quality education over a wide range of subjects


Behind Pratisandhi is a group of dedicated people with a shared goal of creating an open space where teenagers can come to find the answers they’re always looking for but never seem to find – those about the changes that their bodies are going through and about sexual health and education. Our mission is to increase overall access and awareness about sexual health.

We organize regular donation drives to educate and support the lower strata towards Menstrual Hygiene


Pratisandhi is a student-led initiative founded by Niyati sharma. Our team comprises of college students and young professionals from different walks of life. Currently, our team has over 45 volunteers and 7 core members working in cohesion. Together, we wish to bring about a change in the way our society views and approaches conversations about sex and sexuality.

Driving conversations about sexual health into the public sphere through arts and stories