Welcome to Pratisandhi

Pratisandhi was conceptualized as a response to the dilapidated conditions of sexual health awareness in India, especially among the sexually active youth community. It is an initiative that aims to provide the youth with a safe space in a society that tends to pander to behavior according to conservative and personal morals. We believe that it is essential for adolescents to be able to question the beliefs they are led to believe as children. We want to create a difference through the means of educating our youth in a manner through which they can become self-aware individuals who can make smarter decisions. We believe that everyone has the right to have access to information free from judgment in a manner that helps them understand the choices available to them.

The primary aim of this initiative is to promote conversations, dialogue, and awareness of sexual health and education in India, with a special emphasis on the lower strata of society.

Behind Pratisandhi is a group of dedicated people with a shared goal of creating an open space where teenagers can come to find the answers they’re always looking for but never seem to find – those about the changes that their bodies are going through and how they’re supposed to deal with them. The idea is to create self-awareness among them and equip them with the knowledge necessary to make smarter decisions throughout what can be a confusing time in their lives.

Pratisandhi wants to bring forth a platform that can allow for openness regarding issues that are considered a taboo in our society in order to move towards a more progressive mindset.

Upcoming Events

Safe and Unsafe Touch Workshop at Parkshala, Noida: 15 April 2019

Hell Freezes Over 3.0: 27 April 2019

Donation Drive: (15 April- 15 May 2019)