Here Are Some Halloween Special Erotic Stories For You!

Halloween’s here! And while for many people in the world it may be spooky, scary, chocolatey or just a damn normal day, for one particular couple…. ‘Trick or Treat’ takes on a whole new meaning as they whip up a hot and heavy storm in their bedroom, albeit some minor mishaps.

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“Do you think it’s worth giving it a try?” asked Kathy, her eyes suddenly hopeful.
“Well…. It’s worth a shot, given that nothing else has ever worked out for us.” John chuckled sarcastically under his breath.

John saw the frown that came over Kathy’s face, but he couldn’t care less. It was her umpteenth time suggesting an idea that only she believed could make up for their marital issues. Long fights and stubborn silences was the daily routine amongst them, not least the lack of sex. Or the lack of ‘good, meaningful’ sex, as Kathy once put it to him subtly. They had tried everything- going to a marriage counselor (who suggested that John learn how to communicate effectively- both in and out of the bed), asking their own friends for advice (who just laughed behind their back and told them to ‘chill’) and even consulting an astrologer (who said that their sex life would change for the better after the day of the upcoming solar eclipse- and it didn’t, obviously). But nothing worked. As the days passed, John’s increasing frustration led him to give up hope on their relationship, but it was his wife who held onto the hope that they could make things work. And it was just on the day before Halloween’s eve when she came across this post on Instagram which highlighted some new and kinky stuff to make up for the lost spark in their sex lives.

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“Trick or Treat!” screamed the eager kid in front of the porch of their house, but his face grew pale when he saw a dreadful-looking skeleton with puncture wounds all over in front of the open door. The kid then bolted down the porch and into the road as far as his two little ‘octopus’ legs could carry him.

“That’s quite a ‘sexy’ outfit you chose for me, Kat.” John muttered under his breath, but loud enough for his wife to hear him, who let out a cute giggle in turn. They had been deciding to experiment in bed with some Halloween-inspired costumes (which John was piqued about, though he didn’t show it to Kathy), and each of them had to choose the costume for the other. As they went to their bed after having dinner, John couldn’t help noticing that the mummy costume which he thought would look terrible on Kathy was actually making her look quite… hot. As Kathy turned off the lights, John couldn’t help but suppress a smile. Maybe it wasn’t such a bad idea at all. And maybe the night was going to finally be a breakthrough in terms of an escape from all the drab and dull sex that they were having.


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