Partner with Us

Convert Your Event Into A Fundraiser

Help raise funds for on-ground interventions in communities that need it

Conducting an event to raise awareness? Turn it into a meaningful fundraiser and support our mission to reach communities who lack access to information and basic necessities. Conduct a fundraiser on behalf of Pratisandhi and donate to make SRHR a reality for all. Reach out to us with information about your event and goal so that we can support you in transforming it to maximise impact!

Invite us to your next event as awareness partners

Join hands with us to create resources that can benefit a large group of individuals

Partner with us during our annual donation drive to provide menstrual hygiene products and awareness to menstruators who can't afford them

Join our team in the capacity of a mentor, volunteer, or ambassador and help us grow and raise awareness

Invite Us for a Workshop

Raising awareness one person at a time

Pratisandhi has a wide variety of programs and stand-alone workshops that are specifically curated in an age-appropriate and culturally sensitive manner. These workshops are aligned with global learning objectives for sexuality education. If you are an NGO, youth-initiative, or any other institution working with communities and students then invite us to conduct a workshop!

Workshop themes include but are not limited to Menstruation, Puberty, Sexually Transmitted Diseases, Healthy Boundaries, Contraception, and more!


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