Modules Offered

Pratisandhi teams up with health professionals, psychologists, and teachers along with following global guidelines for age-appropriate sexuality education to develop modules for workshops with adolescents and young adults. We primarily conduct four types of workshops on different themes depending on the age and gender of the attendees. In addition to this, schools/shelters/NGOs/Other Organisations wishing to conduct workshops on specific topics that fall under our modules may send an inquiry for the same.

Safe and Unsafe Touch

The aim of this module is to teach children about the various facets of child sexual development. Very young children often tend to be immod [...]

Puberty and Menstruation

When entering the phase of puberty, adolescents should be prepared adequately for the many changes that they will face at biological, emotional, and s [...]

Puberty and Growing-Up

It has been found that most workshops on puberty place greater emphasis on females. Males are often not given guidance as to how to navigate changes t [...]

Communication, Boundaries, and Consent

Communication, Boundaries, and Consent are important facets for any healthy relationship. Adolescents and young adults can often face difficulties in [...]